WARspy: The process of driving and viewing unencrypted wireless video. See also: "WARviewing"
FIRSTPOST - Challenge #1 is on now!

WARspy LA is Los Angeles' first and only WARspy resource. This is the place to look for the latest WARspy information.

But WARspy LA’s star is the “WARspy Challenge,” where we challenge you to find our cameras. Please surf around our Web site, participate in our challenges and send us any information you think we should add, and make sure to participate in our challenges.

If you are a Los Angeles WARspyer, we challenge you to find our camera. And if you feel like it, setup a wireless camera, give us an area to cover and we will find yours.

With the help of everyone out there WARspying can grow into a community like WARdriving. WARspy LA is here to start that.

-Mr. Punch 6/11/2005

FINDS - A NEWSUBJECT...until we are told to take it down

Crunch has spent the past two weeks talking to lawyers about how much we can and cannot get away with on this page. The answer seems to be pretty unknown. It’s either completely legal, legal as long as the source is wireless and there is no audio, or everything is 100% illegal.

Here is the test. Below this article [and soon in its own section] you will find images from cameras that people have found. If at anytime we are asked to take these down, they will be down immediate. In the mean time, please enjoy the following images, and if you have any you wish to post send us an e-mail.

While we're on the subject of legality. In the next few days we plan on launching a new section of the page devoted to articles related to WARspy legality. Right now its deals with FCC wire tap and eavesdropping laws.

-Mr. Punch 6/19/2005

Crunch and I went out with the rig today. Its been aleast a month since we looked for anything, and I don't know if its the new antenna or what, but it seems that 2.4 video traffic is heavier then ever. Half of the cameras seemed to be things that you would want on a wired line not just broadcasting into the

air. How would you like your living room to be viewable to anyone on the block? Or how about your storage locker? Strange stuff.
Anyways, I'm going to continue work on the site this week. We still need to build up a section for people's finds and all the legal stuff we promissed two weeks ago. It will be up soon. We've begun to get a bit more traffic as people slowly start linking to us, so we'll do the nice thing and do some link backs.

As we continue to grow please continue to take part in our challenge, and offer us any suggestions for how to improve the site. While I cannot go into any details right now, there are some interesting projects on the way all aimed at getting word out about WARspying.

-Mr. Punch 7/3/05

I would like to point out that we are currently being linked from two of our favorite sites out there. Blogging.LA and MAKE . If you don't read these you really should. MAKE is all about creating and modding your own projects, and Blogging.LA is the ULTIMATERESOURCEfor what to do in LA. Anyways I thought I would post links to the stories. Here they are.

MAKE: Blog: WARspy Los Angeles

Blogging.LA WARspy Los Angeles

Thanks for the links guys. I read both your sites everyday.

-Mr. Punch 7/3/05

Packet Sniffers and interface
The response the past few days has been amazing. We have gone from around 10 hits a day to between 150 and 200 a day. Thankyou. It is because of this that we have this post.

1. With the new attention people are finally starting to send us new info. The Packet Sniffers is one of the better pages I've seen, mainly because they post images of things they've found while WARspying. Props to you man. Here is the direct link to their WARspy article. Don't forget to check out the rest of their site. There is some pretty cool stuff.

2. Oh the basic html doesn't spread as far as it used to does it? This is my first webpage since I was like 14. I havn't really learned anything in all those years. So I wanted to ask all of you how to manage a site with posts like this. I want the ablity to archieve these stories from the mainpage, search posts, add comments, and as everyone has asked we need a forum (where else will people talk shit if we don't have a forum?). So what do you think we should do? Or better yet how should we do it? I've looked at Moveable Type, using a easy blog setup would finally allow Crunch to post, he's alittle afraid of the internet. The only problem is that Moveable Type isn't supported by our host. So what are our options?

-Mr. Punch 7/5/05


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